When I go offline then he goes offline. why?

i have noticed this a couple of times on FB.. he would go offline after i go offline because when i login again i cannot see him online.. there is also this time (last seen) facility to view. It is like we both play hide and seek on chat but don't talk. FYI.. he is a lost amazing friend of mine. we stopped talking to each other because of ego. and i love him more than a friend. guess he has a clue but i haven't said. he always wanted me to admit it and gave mixed signals. but still don't know about what he feels because he would act like he liked me but said the very opposite and made me feel let down.
why do you think he is involved into hide and seek when he doesn't want to talk to me? do you think he is interested in friendship or more?
When I go offline then he goes offline. why?
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