I said some hurtful things to my boyfriend

and he says he forgives me but can't be with me. I am having such a hard time coming to terms with this breakup cause I never wanted it to occur. I'm shaky, throwing up, sick. Like, this is physical. It looks as though I will never get him back. I am so mad at myself for saying what I did, but at the moment I was just mad. If he forgives me why did he leave? I can't deal with the hurt I feel and I only have myself to blame. What can I do to make this situation better ?


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  • Just learn from your mistakes with him and don't you ever ever do that again with the next guy. Its not the end of the world though it feels that way. You said what you said, it happened and you cannot change the past or dwell on what you wish you didn't do. Its not healthy as you said you've thrown up. So first you got to forgive yourself and know that we all make mistakes and if he left you because of that, then he isn't the guy for you. You will be okay, hon. Its just something your gonna have to get over. Just make a change.

    • Thanks girls, he actually called but still remained really adamant about returning my stuff and just being friends cause he can't himself in a relationship with me any time in the near future..it still hurts. and he wants to return my things and I don't wanna see him cause it's just gonna start up my feelings again and he's gonna be all nonchalant.

    • I know the feeling hon but you got to do what you got to do. You have to face him which is the only way to get over it. In time you will heal. Right now, its fresh but it will get better in a month or so. Think positive and still live your life. Choose not to have a pity party for what you did and the way things are now. Choose to keep yourself together.

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  • time...how long has it been since he left? Are you still talking? Maybe he just needs more time. But maybe he is just using it as a convienient breakup material. He could see it as a window to put the blame on you.

  • He is hurt. Forgiveness doesn't mean he can forget it. Depending on what you said, right now he feels like he can't get over it as far as a relationship is concerned. It will be hard but take it day by day and give him some space too. But never say never.

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