Are you able to stay friends with someone you had a 'fling' with?

My friends and I recently met a guy while we were out. He mentions to us all he is not looking for any relationships, just friendships.

He and I end up hanging out together first on our own one night. He says he ended up feeling a connection with me when we were chatting (he tells me this later). I feel as though we were on the same wave length. That is probably all that was. It went really well and we both had lots of fun. Chatting and meeting people that night. It was a pretty awesome night getting to know him one on one.

I secretly had a bit of a thing for him. To my surprise he ends up kissing me! It ended up going further then I anticipated. I was just happy to make out on his couch lol. But with alcohol being involved and being caught up in the moment we ended up having sex. We both were single so that was fine. He still mentions not wanting a relationship. Blah, blah, blah. I seemed okay with it that night so it was fine.

No awkwardness the next day. We still talked normally and he made me breakfast.

I end up getting emotional when he mentions to my other friend 2 days after when we hang out again that he is usually a relationship guy. A romantic. I know we weren't serious but just realising he had never not been serious with anyone else really hurt my feelings for some reason.

I end up sending him a text 3 days later saying I am a bit confused by this whole thing. He rings and chats. At first I did not realise why I was so upset them realise it was because of that and text him again. Saying that. Only sent the one did not want to come off bad to him.

He ends up ringing me again. But I was not in the mood to talk.

I end up feeling bad for not answering the phone so I send a text saying we will chat later. He was fine with it.

Apparently we are going to talk about things today. He still wants to be friends with me. It seems like he still cares.
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I was telling my friend the other day I think I should stop this. I can see myself falling for this guy later on. He apparently felt like he could not do it anymore either. He did not want things getting awkward when we hung out again.

I am still very attracted to him and a bit hurt by what happened. I knew from the start his intentions. Just what he said that night.

We both still want to be friends and work on things so it does not get awkward. Have never been in this situation before.
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It's gotten a bit complicated lol. Any thoughts on how to handle this situation. I have been a bit down the last couple of days but feeling better again. I was not in love with him so that helped! It was just a bit of a crush. It did feel good it was kind of reciprocated but know he is not in the right head space to be with anyone right now and respect that.
Are you able to stay friends with someone you had a 'fling' with?
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