How much touching between guy/girl friends is normal?

I'm just curious. How much touching is normal between guy and girl friends? I've a couple guy friends and we don't touch a lot, maybe a hug goodbye or a high five. I have been friends with this one guy for about 4 months and he is really touchy-feely. At first he wasn't, but gradually it changed. Recently he has wanted hugs and won't let go right away. He puts his head on my shoulder while we were lying down watching a movie or rubbing my shoulder. He pokes me in the stomach or touches my face/mouth. Another time he grabbed me from behind and told me to try to break fee. He always likes while we are talking to stick his hand out and for me to grab his hand and hold for a couple seconds. He rubbed my thigh, while watching a movie. I guess I am confused, is it normal for a friend to touch a friend like this a lot? Maybe its his way of being friendly, i've just never had guy friends that acted that way.
How much touching between guy/girl friends is normal?
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