He's shy... I'm outgoing, What do you guys think?

Recently, I met this amazing guy in my class this past semester. I approached him one day to say hi in the hall, and we talked (small talk). As SOON as the class ended, he drove home and searched for me on facebook to add me as a friend. He apologized for it seeming stalkerish, but obviously I did not think it was. I gave him my screen name and I told him to i-m me if he wanted. He said he certainly would and he did later that day. I invited him to have lunch with my friends once a week and he came, and has been coming ever since. He has made me a CD. And one day after class ended, he went home and immediately sent me a message saying 'i forgot to mention I really liked your shirt today. It was neat' Now yes - it was a cool shirt. One he would like. I asked him if he would want to hang out over a break we had, and he said he definitely would. We saw a movie and had a fun time. This past week, another boy walked me to my car and flirted with me a lot and I think that made this shy guy upset, because later online when I asked him how his day was, he said he went to the mall and this cute girl tried to get him to buy hand lotion and she told him he had beautiful eyes, but he didn't buy the lotion.

I don't know. What do you guys think? Thank you for responding!
He's shy... I'm outgoing, What do you guys think?
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