He's so cute but shy...

there's this guy I used to have in my class but I don't now because it ended. I talked to him rarely in class. The times I did talk to him in class where when he made conversation. I know he likes me because he always used to stare and smile , and he still does now that I don't have class with him anymore. i've bumped into him a couple times and made conversation. Before I started talking to him, he used to pass by one of my classes and subtly look at me , now that he passes he looks and says hi. I really think this guy is so cute but I don't know how to let him know that I like him too. I feel he's too shy to at being rejected so hell just make friendly conversation and nothing else. I want him to know I like him too but what's the best way to approach this shy guy.


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  • Ok when it comes to the shy guy you could do this. Double date, like you and he could hang out and your with a friend whose dating the othe person. This way it's not a group of friends and your attention could be taken by another guy who wants it. You can talk to the shy guy while your friends talk to each other but yall are still just hanging out, see? Talk to him, he won't break his shyness if he hasn't done it now, it's soemthing he has to grow out of. You can help him,he's probably unsure what to do or say and kicks himself as he passes you by without saying a word. If you take the initiative it might work out for the best.

    Go to the mall and talk with him, go play the arcade, it's small stuff to draw him out. He might do just fine once he's out of school. I was like that. It was not a comfort area for me. When I got to the mall or music stores it was easier to talk to anyone. Get to know him and find his interests. If things go good, you can also just drop a line to let him know hey that was fun I'd like to do it agian,but this time YOU(shy guy) pick the place. That way he can take the next step and he knows your interested. Best of luck

    • So I have no problem having a conversation with him. what should I talk about so I can ease in that question about hanging out?

    • That whole part about guys should always make the first move is bogus. Sometimes things just don't work that way. If you want it go for it. You don't have to really ease into a question of hanging out. You could tell him during one talk hey I really had fun would you like to go to the mall later I'm going with a few people and would like you to join me. You two already like each other. Or you could see what he likes, if it's music ask to go to the music store.

  • Just casually ask him to hang out with you. Doesn't even have to be any place romantic like a sit-in dinner. Could be something like a movie or even at an arcade. Your goal here is for both of you to get to know each other but in a light-hearted kind of way. There's plenty of time ahead to take things seriously.

    • Or should I wait for him to do something? they say guys should always make the first move. hopefully I'm not just eye candy to him...

    • If he is a shy guy then the chances of him making a move first is probably gonna be slim. You have to be the one to make the first move. Once he gets the idea that you're into him (and hopefully he's into you), then you can gradually pull away and you'll notice that he'll be the one initiating more. I know it's weird but shy guys are like that. I used to be one so I would know.

    • So I have no problem having a conversation with him. what shoudl I talk about so I can ease in that question about hanging out?

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