He's starting to pull away?

My SO used to be very affectionate and would text and call me all the time. I'm one of those girls that gives him space to enjoy his hobbies, go drinking with his buddies, etc and I never nag or over text him. He has his space, I think it's healthy that way. I do give him lots of TLC when we are together. Back massages after work or the gym, cuddling during a movie, love making, he gets tons of affection. Well, lately I've noticed that he doesn't text of call me like before. He barely has anything to say about anything. He said that his life is too predictable and therefore he has nothing to talk about. Instead, he listens to me, which is good, but I wish he was more engaged in the conversation like before. He also doesn't text or call me like before, I have to initiate it if I want to talk to him. I'm feeling kind of confused, and worried. Is he pulling away from me and if so what should I do?
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With him lately it's like I'm talking to myself. He doesn't talk much anymore and he just seems distant in his actions. Like if I don't say, "hey how was your day at work?" he probably would go the whole day without talking to me; unlike before where we had an open line of communication.
He's starting to pull away?
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