Is it true that when a guy teases a girl it's a good thing?

As in he has a thing for her. I have a lot of guy friends but most of them turned out to be into me but throughout our friendship, they always liked to tease me. Also just in general, when I meet someone new, eventually they began to mock me or mess with me and they won't stop! It gets annoying but then they just say they're just playing and I'm funny and so on. My boyfriend loves to tease me especially in the beginning when we were dating. He would always bring up things Id say and that he'll never forget about me. To this day, he'll still bring them up and we joke a lot. I've also noticed with other people I observe. I notice some guys will tease just this one girl and she's pretty and different and they just like messing with her but at the end of the day, I think they just enjoy having her around or hitting on her.


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  • Yes it is a good thing is a way of flirting and one of the hard ones

    • Why is it hard?

    • I mean when you tease i girl it chows a level of trust with you and i mean that is like a way to hit very hard on you not that it is hard to do

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  • Not always. He could be stroking his ego to get your attention. Or he really could like you. Guys mature later than girls so they do juvenile things to express how they feel.


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  • I think everyone likes teasing pretty girls, just one of those things you know


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