Crush tells me dirty jokes?

My crush and I Skype a lot and he started telling me some dirty jokes. I was laughing and he kept telling them for about an hour until I fell asleep the other night. What does it mean if a guy tells you dirty jokes?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He thought you would laugh at them and was trying to create a bonding experience between two people through humour, which could lead to multiple conclusions.

    It's something that's typically been done for thousands of years in multiple cultures and civilisations.

    If there are any more ancient/common social practices you're not too glowing on, be sure to ask another question and I'll do my best to answer.


What Girls Said 1

  • that's actually a huge turn off to me if he does it a lot. first off, he's not even ur bf. second, I'm guessing he's either under 18 as well or over 18 and immature, inconsiderate of ur age.
    third, it's disrespectful to u when done excessively. it shows that all he's thinking of... are the things he's talking to u about with these jokes.
    i don't know like i think a little bit keeps it fun but if he does it a lot it makes me feel like an object, and could literally make me feel like i need to leave, because I'm not an object and won't get treated like one. *shrugs*


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