Guys, Why does this taken guy pay me so much attention?

Whenever i see him he stares. One time we were face to face as he went to walk out a shop an i was near the door. He gazed for a bit an smiled. I am attracted to him an i was considering getting to know him.

This was before i knew of his baggage. Way he acts i thought he was single. I know he only stares but it's way he does it an in the moment i feel a connection. Its hard as after all these times he's acted this way.

Last year i found out he has a baby mom, two kids an as far as i know they are still together as i have seen them together. He doesn't seem to look at her like he does me. I am not saying he dont love her as he must to be with her an they have a family.

I never intend on pursuing him an i now avoid him when i see him. Even when she's around he's checking me out an she has noticed this so i feel awful even though I've done nothing but look.

As a woman i would never accept a woman trying to get my guy its wrong an breach of girl code.

So since then I've not saw him around but when i did while ago i avoided him. Today he was outside my local shop . i was walking towards the direction to go home. as its summer he will be around more.

My neighbour who lives across the street is related to him so as its opposite its annoying that i will see him often now. When my neighbour (a man) told the dude i am there. As the dude turned as i got closer to walking past him. An he watched me go by.

I felt uncomfortable :/
Guys, Why does this taken guy pay me so much attention?
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