Guys, what does it mean when a guy keeps groaning/growling when he's sitting next you?

I'm asking out of concern, becaues this guy is married, and I DO NOT want to get involved with a married man. Met "John" in June 2014 at a local sporting event that happens twice monthly in our area, he was a friend of a friend, and we got talking and found we had several common interests.
We became Facebook friends and we kept up with each other there at least 2 times a week, and we'd still see each other at the bi-monthly sporting event (his wife doesn't attend, not into sports). We were always kinda flirty with each other: hugs "hello" and "goodbye" and twice John pretended to be my boyfriend in order to chase off two would be suitors whom I wasn't impressed with. If he arrives at the sporting event late, he'll walk all the way over to where my seats are (he sits on the other side of the arena) to let me know he's there. I never thought any of this was leading to "something," but lately I'm starting to wonder. Last Saturday night 4 of us (myself and John included) went out to dinner after the event and I sat next to John. Almost immediately my arm kinda brushed his and he didn't move his away; his arm was right there against mine all through dinner (he is a body builder, so he's got big arms. Might not have been on purpose). The arm thing didn't freak me out but I started to notice that he was making a lot of groany/moany/growly sounds frequently (like "Mmmm" sorta satisfied with something type of noises). A lot of times he makes similar sounds when I hug him, but at dinner it was only that arm contact thing that I'm not positive was on purpose. But it was weird enough that I mentioned to him, "You're really groany and growly tonight" and when I said that, he looked sorta surprised, like he didn't realize he was doing it and quikly told me it was because he'd worked out hard that morning. I know it's stupid that some groany noises is what's making me wonder, but it is. Is he trying to get me into bed?
Guys, what does it mean when a guy keeps groaning/growling when he's sitting next you?
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