Guys, if his friends joke about us does that mean he likes me?


I like this guy, lets call him Jake. So anyways Jakes friends (Jaden and John) are my closest mutual friends with him. Jaden and John always say Jakes name randomly in mid sentence, or just hint about him overall. My friend once said "Jake is an idiot" and John said "arent you gonna defend him, Jess?" And I asked what that was supposed to mean and he laughed and tried to change the subject. I was curious and I said "seriously what did that mean?" And he said "idk idk" he said somethig else but i forget and Jaden slapped him and looked at him with wide eyes as if to say "shut up you said too much."
In geography class Jaden and John called my name while they were with Jake and hit other friends. I said "yea?" And they said "hi" in a mischevious way. I just said "hi? Lol😂" and turned to my gorup again when I heard the other one say "how are you?" And i said "Im good haha" and started to turn again. I remember seeing everyone look at me, his whole group. Then i hear them bursting out "OH JAKE SAYS HI TOO, JAKE SAYS HI" and I said "hey? 😂" and that was that. I hear Jake say "youre all savs" with a red face.
At lunch last year his friends kept asking if Id be his cuddle buddy and i said nahh bc I was too shy then they all kept saying "are you sure? The offer is always on the table!"
On the last day of school Jaden and John call my name for a solid ten minutes to their group and i asked why couldnt they come over and they just said to go over to Jake and the group. Then one says "jaden needs to tell you somehig" "no jak.. I mean John does" "no jeff does" "lol me? Pft noJaden does" then Jaden says "okay fine Ill ask..." Grinning like an idiot. Jakes eyes is glued to his desk. "Do... you... think..." And he pauses for a super log time. I got scared bc i thought he would ask if I like Trevor so I just said lol you're taking too long i gotta study for the exam and left. At lunch Jaden called my name. Jake looked over at me and then (more below)
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Glued his yes to the sidewalk (we were outside.)

His friends have asked me to be his cuddle buddy saying the offers always on the table

He never initiates convos, yet replies seconds after I respond eveytime (online.) He then stops messaging abruptly. He told my friend I am smart nice pretty and a really great singer. He agreed with my friend who called me awesome by saying "yea she really is" he never likes my posts he told my friend its a possibility he sees us together in gr11, he just
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Isn't really into girls at the moment. Once I made a joke about being my teachers favorite to my teacher and he was facing a wall, but I could see him smile in a cute way. When someone else asked if he'd date this other girl he laughed and said "idk, life is confussig" and shrugged. He told my friend he'd talk with her more about me and he had but didn't initiate it or say TOO much. He was supposed to dance with me at a dance (my friend set it up) but he had a lot of science he ( which is true)
Guys, if his friends joke about us does that mean he likes me?
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