Did my fuck buddy have feelings for me?

It might would be wrong of me to call him fuck buddy because we never agreed to that but after dating for quite some time we were heading towards that pattern. He began to only text me late to come over, you get the point. He never said anything about what he wants and what he does not want. In the end we were just having sex, now he would get jealous if I was with another guy and he would ask me if I had slept with anyone else but him all the time. He could ask me if I had gotten a boyfriend because I did not pay attention to him. When I realized that this was turning into some sort of fuck buddy situation I had to end it because I don't want that at all and I like him so I knew this was going to end up bad. He would play with my hair at night, hold me close in the morning, tease me, compliment tiny details on my looks and stare into my eyes. He seemed pretty cool about me ending it but he was cold almost mean towards me when I told him I was catching feelings as I ended it.
Did my fuck buddy have feelings for me?
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