Does my fuck buddy have feelings for me?

So I've been fucking this guy since late April and I'm starting to realize I caught the case of the feels. At this point I don't know how to proceed in our relationship fuck budd thing. The guy is a bit of a loner, can be kinda shy, usually just does his own thing, and is pretty self conscious. That mix makes for a very hard to read person, especially for me becasue I'm very social and more of a people person. Anyways the first time we met (it was a tinder thing) I just went over to his place and we fucked because thats all I wanted from him. Then we went to a hookah place once and a coffee shop another time but since then I've just gone over to his place. We talk for hours when I'm there and I'm usually the one that makes it about fucking. He's opened up to me about his past a few times and I'm usually way too high to handle it but I guess thats a good sign? I don't know. Anways we dont text much or snapchat much. If we haven't talked in a day he'll text me just to say hey but thas about it. He has a toothbrush for me at his place and has talked about doing things with me that are over a year away and he says things sometimes that through me off and make me wonder if he has feeling for me. I'm just very confused and I don't want to misinterpret whats really happening. I just need an outside opinion. thanks :)
Does my fuck buddy have feelings for me?
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