Is it strange to be friends with the guy that rejected you?

It started out 3 years ago, let's call him M, so we were in the same class, he was alright until we were in the same uni program that we got close.

I somehow fell for him that I confessed, he rejected me crystal clear because he said he doesn't want date anyone he can't live without. We remained close confidants to one another, texting, calling, going out twice a month.

But last year, I decided that still had feelings that I ended up ghosting him for a month or two, but he suddenly called in at 2 in the morning to tell me he had this one time thing he accidentally fucked this girl we both knew, because they were high and he's been feeling lonely. This girl knew very well that I liked this guy.

The whole conversation got so deep that, I was pissed at him and started calling him out. I said that whatever he did was not fair to me, because I did offer him to be fuck buddy but he didn't want it. I cried and I hang up.

He apologized, and took me weeks to just trying to accept his apology & reconnect with him.

After that incident, I realized, yeah maybe we're just meant to be friends and I'm willing to put things behind just be his friend considering the fact that he's a broken guy always goes to me to tell me about his problem and even cry at times.

We still go out, but things gotten more intimate lately, at times if we go out even with friends, we do drink from the same cup, share chapstick that even our circle thought we're dating. I keep getting this question about whether or not we're a thing.

I like us being friends , how laid back we are. But people's questions got me realizing he does these intimate gestures and that erks me. Kinda scared me a bit.

I don't know what to do? I don't want my judgment to be clouded by this confusion.

p/s : I go on dates with other people, likewise with him.

Is it strange to be friends with the guy that rejected you?
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