Do I have a crush on my best guy friend?? Does he?

ok I met this boy in college.well I met many lol and we're all very good friends but this guy is a bit closer than my closest guy friends.we share very very similar interests.we can read each others minds and its so cool.we enjoy each others company.we both,however, like flirting with others.we talk to each other about our crushes and we even help each other make good impressions or make a sort of move with others.

oh and something I should point out.I'm a very touchy person as in ..i really like hugs and brushes from my friends. he's also like this and at the beginning of the year he was quite physical with me (in a non freaky way..just friends) but then he suddenly stopped. and this semester I got used to not expecting the amount of hugs I got before.

now what is happening is that we have been staring into each others eyes. that didn't happen before.we would have normal eye contact like friends but now we flirty eye contact..but its strange because we don't break the connection.

also about the hugs...i think..think..its because he has been scared of getting too close to me (bad previous experience).

we're very close..we know each others fears..we help each other..we're just very close.and lately things have been rough for us we've been even closer. we've called each other cute little names and he's even said "love you"..may not mean anything but it means a lot for him to actually go the extra mile with niceness (he's the sorta hard shell type).

my best girl friend says she thinks we have a special friendship..and that he definitely has a soft spot in his heart for me.she says she was sorta figuring out what was happening and she thinks that he really mite have feelings for me. but we both know that we're too proud t admit it (people are suspicious of us because we're always together) and too scared that the other may not share the feelings.

Do I have a crush on my best guy friend?? Does he?
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