Guy friend spooning, does he like me?

So my best guy friend and I have been friends for quite a few months. We met last year and had a small thing going on that didn't last long-we got into an argument and one of his old crushes asked him out so he said yes. They went out for 7 months, she then dumped him for no specific reason 4 months ago. I got it out of him that he still isn't over her yet, (he said he has nightmares at night sometimes, he also has a hidden picture frame of her in his room) but he doesn't really talk about her so I'd imagine he's a bit moved on.
Anyways, so we hangout 1-3 times a week, he calls me at least every 2nd night and we're pretty comfortable with each other. By that, I mean we cuddled during a movie while 2 other friends were there about a month ago (those two friends weren't together) and last night we went to a party and we were spooning each other 3/4 of the night. He asked me to come and get a suit with him (he needed one for work) because he realized people don't usually end up buying something unless they have their wife with them? So that's a brief idea of the yes' and as for the no's; out of several opportunities he hasn't payed anything major for me (like we ate somewhere before but we took separate bills), he'll sometimes pay for my city bus ride but that's about it. He always hangs around me, he'll sometimes do gentleman-y moves (like opening doors or helping me put on my coat) yet he never pulls any moves (I try and flirt with him a bit sometimes). So my question is, does he like me? and if not then why is he so comfortable with me and cuddles/spoons be sometimes? Last time I checked, spooning isn't a friend kinda thing. Thanks.
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Can someone please give a more detailed answer. Just saying "Yeah he likes you" makes me think you're just saying that because it looks like it's the answer I'm looking for. The answer I'm looking for is a legit, honest answer. Thank you.
Guy friend spooning, does he like me?
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