My boyfriend being weird with what he lets his friends do to me?

Okay so... Every relationship I have ever been in my boyfriend has been kind of possessive but not overbearingly so... It just kind of made me feel like he was happy to have me and made me feel good I guess.

Now I know my current boyfriend likes me a lot but he is totally different from other guys in that he is not possessive at all. If anything he seems to almost condone other guys touching me. Maybe I am just thinking too much into it... I am a bit of a spaz and mental and think too much. He tells me that all the time.

A couple examples;

He has like three best guy friends that come over fairly routinely and they drink and play video games and such while I am there sometimes. But they are just really open about making sexual jokes about woman in front of me... Sometimes even about me. I just kind of laugh awkwardly even though I think it is weird because I dont want to be a downer or weird. The same guys will like slap my butt and think it is hilarious. My boyfriend laughs too or does not even seem to notice. They blatantly compliment me in sexual ways right in front of him.

Another example; everybody went home one night but one of his friends was super wasted so he agreed to let him stay over. He could barely talk or whatever but insisted he slept in the bed so my boyfriend agreed. I was like rolling my eyes but whatever. I assumed he would sleep like on the side over by my boyfriend but he ended up sleeping in the middle between both of us and a couple times during the middle of the night I woke up and he was spooning me even as I faced away from him. Eventually I just got up and left to sleep on the couch...

What's up with my BF? Somebody explain... And what should I do? Ugh... Am I being weird?
My boyfriend being weird with what he lets his friends do to me?
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