Guy friend cuddling/spooning?

So I have this guy friend who I've become fairly close to over the past couple of months. He started out as being just a friend to me, but I've honestly started developing feelings for him. I'm not sure what he sees me as but we hang out very often, text each other nearly every day, and flirt a lot. He's become really touchy-feely too. The last two times I hung out at his house, we ended up cuddling on his bed. Started out watching a movie on his laptop and he pulled me close to him so that my head was resting on his chest a bit and his arm was around me. We ended up spooning. The thing is, though, he never made a move beyond that. When leaving his house, he just gave me a very long tight hug (he does this quite often). Will a guy friend spoon with a girl they have no feelings for? Not sure what is going on. Thanks!
Guy friend cuddling/spooning?
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