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Is it okay for my friends with benefits to meet my parents?

So guys why would my friends with benefits wants to meet my parents? He says :'I should have met him in the beginning already?' so I kept on explaining to him that we are fuck buddies how can I bring him home? How? This is the same guy who asked me if I would date him or if I don't wanna go with him to the movies but really we just fuck buddies. And whenever I get into my feelings because I got attached to him and I think he got attached too because he texts me every single day to ask how my day was and making sure I'm good. He would call me just to hear my voice or some sort. The same guy that held my hand in public and kissed me in public when we booked a cheap motel to have sex. And he was irritatingly sweet that day but when I ask him :'hey what's up with you? You confusing me? Do you wanna be with me or what?' then he says :'I would date you I would fully date you but I don't wanna rush things because it's better not to rush' but he is so sweet to me. He is getting me a gift this weekend too. A late birthday gift?

I don't understand this guy. It irritates me actually that he shows me that he is into me. All the signs are there and everyday just keeps getting weirder and weirder. And now he asked when is he meeting my dad? Lol like come on we are fuck buddies. Does he have to meet my dad?

I like him too. And I don't know if I want to be in a relationship with him.
Is it okay for my friends with benefits to meet my parents?
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