Did my fuck buddy turn into a situationship?

so I met this guy on instagram back in 2021. I wasn’t looking for anything serious so we would only meet up for casual sex i went from seein him once a month to sleeping with him whenever he’s available. it’s now 2023 and not only do we have sex but we send each other funny videos on instagram, talk about personal things that happen in life and i spend the night with him everytime i see him. he doesn’t even press me for sex when i come over he just wants to watch a movie and cuddle i’m always the one making the first move now? what is happening? and the last time i saw him he held me the entire night i would even get up to use the bathroom and he would still cuddle me with his leg wrapped around me and everything. do you think he’s caught feelings? I really like him too but maybe 3 years as fuck buddies is too long and we probably weren’t supposed to carry it on for this long but I can not deny the chemistry!! my question is, is it possible for men to catch feelings for their fuck buddys and are we in a situationship now?

7 mo
and i forgot to mention when we were having sex he wouldn’t stop staring so deeply into my eyes. he used to just look away it was almost scary how deep he would look.
Did my fuck buddy turn into a situationship?
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