He says he misses me, but he never makes time to see me.

he says he misses me, but he never makes time to see me. and sometimes he says he'll call me right back but never does...does he even care about how this makes me feel...how would I bring it up with out scaring him away. I really like him and we've been talking for around 3 months and I really would like to have a relationship with him but right now there is no trust because of him always putting me off it makes me think he has another girl or something but of course if I say something he denies it...to top it all off I found out that valentines weekend is guys weekend in Tahoe this should probably be my wake up call that he has someone else right? or should I just trust him...ughh I don't know what to do anymore...please help.


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  • Most likely he is talking to other girls. My friend been put in the same situation. The guy said he'd call her back but never did, and kept saying oh we haven't seen each other in a long time and never ever initiated coming to see her. and my friend had suspision he's been talking to other girls for a while. He probably doesn't like you as much as you think. I'm not sure if you should confront him. I think guys don't care sometimes. You could if you want to though, next time he says he'll call you right back, say "yeah right no you won't". don't put up with what he's doing to you for too long

    • Thanks yea he is making this really hard on me because when we do talk everything seems better I know he has a lot of friends and I really try to respect that and give him time with them but it just gets frustrating

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