Platonic Cuddling?

A few nights ago, my closest guy friend slept over. We spent most of the night cuddling, but ended up sleeping in different beds. I believe the cuddling was completely platonic, but some of of friends think the opposite.

We spent most of the time spooning with my back to his chest. He would change the position of his hand from holding mine to it being wrapped around my stomach to it being on my thigh, almost touching my butt. We alternated our cuddling position a few times over the course of several hours. At one point, he kissed my neck and touched my boob. He also carressed my face and played with my hair a lot (which I don't think is weird because I always play with my guy friends' hair, but my other friends disagree).

I don't think this is anything other than platonic because he's done it before with our mutual close guy friend. The guy I was cuddling with is bisexual and has a small thing for our mutual friend. He also said he had a thing for me too, but I think it may have been just a joke. Also, this guy has little experience with dating, so I know he's not a player. The only people I've ever heard him mention being into are celebrities.

Sorry this was long, my friends have just started to worry me that he may have viewed it as something more than I did.
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He also took his shirt off because he said he was hot.
Platonic Cuddling?
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