What type of body do guys like?

Be specific!
Do you like when they have fat on their thighs or stomach? How much?

Tall or short?

Big hips? Big thighs?

what about arms?

How much muscle?
Very thin- can see ribs, collar bone, hip bone
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Skinnier- little fat, flat chested and small butt
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Skinny-more fat but still thin, thigh gap
Vote C
Thicker thighs, some stomach fat, Med. chest&butt
Vote D
more fat on stomach-creases slightly when bending over
Vote E
Big things and medium stomach. Chest&butt big
Vote F
Pushing overweight- large thighs and large stomach
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Im not asking for guys in general, I'm asking for your specific opinion on the matter. What do YOU like?
What type of body do guys like?
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