Everyone thinks I'm a lesbian! Help!

OK... I'm 25 and at university. I'm 100% straight and at the moment have a huge crush on one guy in particular. However - and this has been the case for a number of years now - everyone except for my closest friends assumes I'm a lesbian! I can't for the life of me imagine why. I look younger than I am, petite with long hair. In short, I don't look like your prototype lesbian, yet people seem positively astounded when I tell them I'm straight. I'm a friendly outgoing person who likes a laugh. I've asked my friends why they think people make this assumption, and they said it's because I'm "independent" and "funny"... How does this make me a lesbian? I have absolutely no problem with homosexuality, but this is a really bad situation for me. Not only do I occasionally get unwanted attention from women, what really upsets me is that men never give me the time of day. They never even look at me "that way" or smile at me, even if I try to make eye contact. All my conversations with men are really "matey" just having a laugh like buddies do. It's like they don't even consider me for a millisecond. I'm really shy around guys I find attractive, and although I try to be flirty, smiling and eye contact is pretty much all I can manage, especially if the guy isn't even looking... I'm just not a forward kind of girl and would really appreciate if the guy would make some kind of move too... I've been single for more that two years and have had no male attention (although all my friends and acquaintances say they can't believe this, it is the truth)... Even my ex boyfriend suspects I'm a lesbian, although I never did anything to suggest this, and we always had great sex! I really don't know what to do about this (obviously I'm not prepared to change my personality)... Any suggestions? Any idea why people are thinking this? Thanks!

PS: a few years ago I had a fling with a girl because these constant assumptions made me believe I was indeed looking for love in the wrong place, but it really wasn't my thing. I am absolutely not a lesbian!
Everyone thinks I'm a lesbian! Help!
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