Guys, He said he respects me too much?

So there is this guy I have a huge crush on, as the story always begins. He is clearly interested in me, tho I am not sure how much.

Anyways, I'm 23yo and my friends did a huge favor (sarcasm intended) to tell this guy I don't have any sexual experience, I still haven't even kissed a guy, thanks to my lack of trust in strangers, even if I am really interested. But you see, for the first time I feel like I could hook up with someone, I just don't have the courage to say this to him.

Anyway, there was this night, I had a few shots and I was really flirty, sending all the signals I could, smalls one of course for most people, but still flirting and HE WAS FLIRTING BACK. So my friend said "just go kiss her, you both want each other!" (she was a bit more... energetic tho haha) and he said "No, I really respect her... I couldn't".


I mean, I like to be respected and stuff, but I also want this guy! He previously said to another friend "I won't force it, I will respect her time", which was super cute at that time, but now... lol

What does this even mean? Is he toying with me? Only said that to not openly reject me? He is not the type to not go foward when he is interested in other girls tho, I am confused.
Guys, He said he respects me too much?
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