Does my boyfriends bestfriend have feelings for me?

Hi im having an issue with understanding if my boyfriends friend likes me here are a few reasons he also has a girlfriend

He stares at me a lot and looks away imediately sometimes when i look back but other times he smiles and say what when i catch him causing me to smile

He does anything for me goes to shop makes me coffee he to be honest he is one of those guys youd meet and youd think omg he's such a nice caring guy so it mite not be towards me maybe just is caring in general

He accidentally touches me a lot like we all play monopoly when we get bored at mine and my boyfriends appartment and tells me to sit beside him and he always leans over me and always touches my legs arms handing me something is always full on hand contact as if its planned

He always checks if im okay if im to quiet even more then my boyfriend asks

We play fight a lot and after we would all sit down to watch a movie and hed sit beside me and be poking my legs the whole time, throwing pillows at me , pinching me etc then again he gets bored so easily

He comes over every day for the whole day and most of the night since we started talking more

He randomly looks at me and just smiles with a little giggle

He tells me all about his life his problems when its just us

He asked me recently why dont i have a Christmas tree up and i told him that i didn't like Christmas very much bcause my mom forgot about me on Christmas day when i was 16 and spent the day and night on my own 3 days later he went and bought one with decorations and lights and smiled, this could also be cause he's very caring

When ever i give my boyfriend a kiss or something he looks away imediately

I dont know what to think, sometimes him and his girlfriend come over together , he doesn't seem unhappy or extremely happy, but he always makes sex jokes bout me and my boyfriend like we wanted to go camping and hed be saying oh ur tent would be shaking stupid stuff like that or do u tink he's just a caring friendly person or is there something there
Does my boyfriends bestfriend have feelings for me?
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