Is this kind of boyfriend normal? Is he a sociopath? What should I do?

When he makes me cry, he makes fun of me. When I do one thing that displeases him, he threatens by raising his voice or shoving me from his home. He shows selfishness while I am pregnant. He has so much an oversized ego that he refuses to wear the heaviest bags and gives me. I have to obey his whims and do not do anything wrong so as not to be fired outside or to be reprimanded.

Then he apologizes, he comes back to say "sorry". He becomes attentive. And go again. He will never let go. He says he doesn't like me to treat him like a dog ( even when i say nothing special). Especially when i ignores him for protecting me and at the same time, he goes on Tinder and disrepect me by talking with other girls... and when i ask «why?» he says «why not?» or start being angry at me.

He changes mood, he becomes cold without any particular reason. He almost try to fucked up my relationship with my workgroup because could not stand that I do not want to participate in my project. (for these fears up there)

He speaks to me badly when I try to understand him. I never know which foot to dance because he is unpredictable. I'm really scared of him, I'm afraid of him and his retaliation. I slapped him because he provokes me and as I am hypersensitive, I overreact (I barely touched him), he does not hesitate to hit me back and make fun of me. It's hard not to cling to the love he can give me sometimes.

Last night, I call the police because we have a conflict and he didn't want to let me go, follow me everywhere in his appartment. He was so proud that the police got on this side and told me by message.

I wanted to know if it was normal and what recourse I could have with him except the leak because my desire for justice is very strong. This helplessness drives me crazy.
Sometimes i think this guy must be very unhappy in his life, that's why he is acting so meanly. I am like a little girl with him and i am exhausted...

Sorry for the mistakes, (i'm french by the way)
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@shoenron, he is on this app i found a lot of his messages and i'm conforted in the idea that he is not a good person, just look at the way he is talking about women.
Is this kind of boyfriend normal? Is he a sociopath? What should I do?
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