friends with benefits suddenly stopped talking to me?

We were good friends for a while and he started to like me but I didn’t like him back so we started a friends with benefits relationship. Soon, I started liking him back and he told me he still liked me so we constantly kept talking on Snapchat everyday and everything was fine for about half a year. One day, we were talking a lot and then suddenly two hours later he just deleted me on Snapchat. He still kept me as a friend on his Instagram and finsta but still he deleted me on Snapchat which is our main way of contacting each other. Everything was fine and this was really random? Any idea what’s going on?
1 y
Also; from what his bio says he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and we’ve never had a fight or problem before which is why him deleting me is really random. I haven’t contacted him after he deleted me bc I’m worried if he’ll think I’m being annoying or clingy or something so I’m trying to give him his space
friends with benefits suddenly stopped talking to me?
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