Is it mixed messages or is he just mentally unstable?

Been seeing this guy for maybe a couple weeks now. The first time we hung out, he said he wanted to start as exclusive friends with benefits and take it slow to see if it can grow into a relationship. Okay, i was cool with that.

he smokes and drinks a lot, so he’s drunk and high most times. Last couple times we hung out, especially the most recent time, he’s been giving kinda mixed signals & just acting creepy.

I’ll hear him talking to himself saying stuff like “don’t do anything weird and scare her away”. Then we will be laughing and he’ll Suddenly get angry and accuse me of cheating on him. Then he’s like “I have trust issues” and then goes back to laughing again.

Weirdest thing he did was say that he wanted to look into my eyes, so we were kind of cuddling and he was just looking at my face and then he jumped out of bed and was like “that wasn’t a good idea…. I should not have done that”. Later he was acting kind of sad saying that he hopes I never stop looking at him the way I do. He said everybody leaves him but then he said he has the devil inside of him and that’s why he lives alone and that if he ever tells me to leave, I need to leave immediately.

so the mixed signals are confusing me because he’s acting like he kind of has feelings, but then he’s acting like a complete psycho…. so I don’t know if he’s got some kind of mental health issues or he’s just really high. Aside from sometimes saying creepy things, I enjoy spending time with him. He’s very funny and thoughtful and makes me feel good about myself

Is it mixed messages or is he just mentally unstable?
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