My crush saw me crying. What was on his mind?

today was a shitty day. My teacher acted very rudely, cuz he’s wrong. i was very upset and disappointed with the way he treated me. I cried at the park next to my school with my friend. I literally forgot that my crush who is also my guy best friend usually goes there. I was so surprised when i saw him with his friends, like “fck i don’t want him to see me crying”.
he saw me but he was talking to his friends, 5 meters away from me. I was upset that he didn’t come to me straight away.
a few minutes later, he texted me. “You ok?”. I didn’t answer cuz i was talking to my friend. He then came to me and asked the situation, i couldn’t look at him because my eyes were all red. So my friend spoke up for me. Then i saw him and his friends walked away.
i suddenly remembered that me and him had a meeting for the ceremony cuz we’re responsible for that, and he didn’t remind me. I stayed to make sure my eyes weren’t red so no one would know that i cried. He was already there talking to the student advisor.
he didn’t ask me yet. Then we had a practice and he still didn’t ask me yet... after we finished everything, when there was only me and him, he asked me, “so what happened?”. i assumed he was waiting for the right time to ask me.
i actually didn’t want to tell him this because he and that teacher have a good relationship, well he’s smarter than the teacher if u believe. So just in case, i don’t want smth to happen to their relationship “just in case”. He was upset so i told him everything, cuz we’re close friends after all.
his eyes are different when he doesn’t like smth. They are just different. i couldn’t tell if he was angry or not. Everything just mixed up on his face. He was so quiet, like he was listening in silent. He said, “i never knew he would be that rude” 2x. He told me everything will be alright but he looked weird like literally he told me to calm but he didn’t look calmed. I don't know if i’m just overreacting or what, but that’s what i saw. What do you guys think?
My crush saw me crying. What was on his mind?
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