Why do some guys assume that women want to see their genitals?

I'm just a bit sick of getting unsolicited dick pics. Or videos. Or answering a call just to be greeted by some creep jerking off.

I'm in college. People exchange contact information all the time. Whatever.

I don't give my contact info to strangers. But people that I know from college, or from back in high school. Maybe not well, but we talked once or twice in class, or parties and such.

But it seems like lately most of the texts that I receive from guys that I'm not already good friends with are guys awkwardly trying to ask me out, guys looking for a hookup, or dick pics. Or videos occasionally. That happens too.

I don't mind the date or hookup requests. They at least ask. Consent is important.

What I don't understand however, is why some people think that the best greeting is a picture of their genitalia. I don't know what reaction they're trying to get.

Especially the people that just started talking to me over the summer. They seem to be the worst offenders.

Are people just bored? Is this all they can think to do over the summer? Do they not have jobs? Or friends?

I just don't get it. In person guys tend to be gentlemen toward me, at least at first. Even the ones that just want hookups. They at least try to talk first. About something that isn't blatantly sex related.

My friends say I come across as a total good girl. So guys tend to be a bit subtler in their approach. Less groping.

So why doesn't that also apply over the phone?

I'm just a bit annoyed at the moment. Some guy went through the effort of finding my Facebook, so that he could ask for my other contact info, which I didn't even give until he had been talking to me for a while. And then snapping and messaging me every day for a month, just so that the first time I actually pick up a call, he can shove his balls into the camera.

That's so much work just to show someone your dick.

Why bother? Can someone please explain this to me before I lose all faith in humanity?

Thank you.
Why do some guys assume that women want to see their genitals?
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