What do you think of simps?

personally i dont like them because i believe that because of these simps, women now expect this simp activity from every guy, and i know damn well women dont like men simping for them every second and lusting on every photo they post or agree with everything they say and they avoid telling the truth because they think its a way into their pants when its the complete opposite, either ways i believe that there's so many simps that women literally see a guy and think its just another simp, not to mention these simps higher all these girls egos that makes them feel like the shit cause they get used to the simps attention which makes it harder for everyone else, not only that, im not saying women dont deserve shit or that all women act a certain way but i do believe simps are a big problem in our society, look i love women and care about them but ill never worship one, so if you see a simp, wack him, lets get rid of the simps 🔫😂
What do you think of simps?
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