Why do men on here ask question regarding women and then get triggered when they get a honest answers from a woman?

This in regards of a massive argument that's been going on regarding a guy who asked women why they call them out for being bitter and constantly complaining about getting rejected. When i replied with something alone the lines of because complaining doesn't slove anything. A crap tone of men went in for attack and some stuck up for me. All sudden men started bringing up alk sorts of unrelated topics like women murders and politics

These men can't take it when the woman tells them the truth and then call us all manipulative lairs. As most people with a brain can see the men im talking to genuinelly believes they have a hard time being a man over a woman just because some of them are doing better than them at work or they got rejected by one all the suffering women have had to go through in life means nothing because a males ego got hurt and there's no bigger injustice in the world than that. Forget sex slavery, rape, domestic abuse, women still fighting for women rights in some countries, forget FGM, forget arranged marriage, forget women still get sexually harassed and assault on a daily basis, forget woman are the ones who had to push them out there vaginas, forget we bleed and have to deal with extreme pain for one week a month and usually more than a week for a lot of women... A man just got rejected and now his feelings are hurt.

Why do they even ask these questions if they can't take the truth. Honestly us women can't do anything right for them no matter what we say we are all just feminist bitchs because we didn't just say "oh poor you, women are the root to all evil, maybe i should pitty fuck you and that would make it better". They can't take it when anyone disagrees with them and insist they are right with no facts or evidence just the fact they have a wang so what they say is right ans if anyone disagrees them there a simp or feminist. As if being a feminist and believing in women equals rights is such a terrible thing.
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These men are so dumb the reason they struggle to get a girlfriend is literally staring them right in the face.

This is how their logic works.
Incel:"Why can't i get girlfriend?"

Woman: "maybe you should try focusing on yourself."

Incel : "women your all manipulative lying, shallow, gold diggers and everything you say is stupid so shut up you stupid bitch"

Incel: "still wondering why women don't like them and blaming them for it, instead of looking at themselves "

Why do men on here ask question regarding women and then get triggered when they get a honest answers from a woman?
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