Does he have feelings, or am I EXTREMELY friendzoned?

Hey guys!
So I'm close friends with this guy I've known for a year. We hug everyday, we now work together, we say we love eachother all the time.. we even have those moments like in the movies where we hold eye contact for a bit too long and smile before looking away and laughing. We compliment eachother constantly and are extremely sweet to one another.

Those are tell tale signs of someone liking you- and I wouldn't doubt it but... he's genuinely that nice to everyone.

He is so kind and caring for everyone who walks into the room. He treats our friend similarly aswell, saying I love you, hugging, being kind overall.

We also both call eachother man, dude, buddy. He broke up with his girlfriend roughly a month ago and did not disclose a real reason as to why- but it was on his terms. He said to our friend she is an angel but he just did not see himself with her anymore.

But today he sent me a video of him being a goof in the shower- i asked our friend if they got the video of him being a goof (didn't mention the shower part) and they said no which I found weird because normally he will send the same stuff to the both of us. It wasn't innapropriate- he just happened to be in the shower and was making funny faces.

Saw him on tinder but I dont think he swiped right on me either :/

Does he have feelings? Am I friendzoned? I am scared of letting him know and potentially making the friendship awkward if he does not feel similarly.
Does he have feelings, or am I EXTREMELY friendzoned?
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