Why am I never good enough?

*long post*

my friends are so gorgeous and pretty. I don't know what went wrong with me. we went out to a Halloween party and my friends looked so good. my one friend wore a bra (like those fashionable ones that you wear as a top.) and a skirt. and my other friends were gorgeous. I'm a bigger chick. guys hit on them all the time. I never do. no guy wants me lol they all have a line of guys.

I'm never good enough, they each had their own separate time where they got their shit together.

same with my sister. so dont sit here and tell me that a guy would want me lol. if a guy was confident he wouldn't want me. So yeah I give up:) no guy would look at you if he had a hot girl with a good personality, just saying nobody finds me physically or mentally attractive everytime we go out they are approached.

one friend is talking to 8 guys. every time we go out, one of my friends is being hit on. But never me.

why am I never good enough? why can't a guy find me hot physically and mentally

looks matter, and men LOVE when girls wear little to no clothes dont tell me they fucking dont.

I was told since I'm a heavier girl that I need to find someone with low standards or lose the weight.
why can't I just be noticed ONCE?
1 y
I am 235 pounds and I'm 5ft1
1 y
I've never seen more toxic men then on this app and I'm fucken done. I'm deleting this app right now.
Why am I never good enough?
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