Unblocked but no contact?

He had blocked me for 2 months after telling me his mum was seriously ill (but it took ages for him to tell me that, he was just being uncommunicative with me for a while) and me being upset not knowing where I stood.

He blocked me on Facebook, WhatsApp and even Linked In! He has unblocked me now on whatsapp but said nothing as of yet. Im still upset/hurt/confused so haven't said anything to him as I don't know what to say anyway.

Why has he unblocked me and said nothing? I don't get it. Is he missing me, is he sorry? is he playing a game? I've no idea. He is quite a bit older than me so I feel he wouldn't be immature and game playing but I don't know.

Please please don't tell me to move on etc... I know all that, I just want to understand what he is doing.
Unblocked but no contact?
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