I felt like I got mixed signals. Any advice?

alrighty I need some advice everyone. Known this guy for almost 2yrs. We have been hanging out for about a month now on some weekends. I get the vibe he likes me by some stuff he says and does. Well we go to the movies last weekend and the hand thing happened where he was play flicking my hand and I thought he was trying to hold my hand so I went for it. Well his hand froze and he waited a sec and moved it completely away lol. So yeah awkward. Well later during the movie there he goes again poking my hand and this time he interlaced fingers with me and holds my hand. So basically I'm so confused and not very happy about the mixed signals. Anyone have any advice on why he might have done that when I feel like we were clearly giving signals for a while that we liked each other
I felt like I got mixed signals. Any advice?
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