Bullied by your friend how should you handle the situation?

So there's this friend of mine we hang out a lot with and he is the arrogant and cocky king of this universe...
he throws food at my hair and pulls them he pokes me not in a friendly way but actually painful one and when I tell him it's painful he doesn't give a shit...
when I talk to him he tells me to shut up or ignores me...
him_I will eat all his food
me_you're vegetarian
him_shut up
me_you shut up
him_ok I will
and here is a conversation of him and a super pretty new girl that tried to talk to him in our friends group
her_you look like my brother
him_haha... I don't care
her_I mean I like you like my brother
him_ still don't care...
and that's the last time we saw her
if you be nice to him it's a mistake and if you be mean oh... IT'S A MISTAKE even if you ignores him... well yeah mistake!
he showed up as a super gentle man and then he became this pure ass of him when we got close... I could never get close to him though and he knows I am ignoring him and I am afraid of him... so I talk to everyone BUT him... it doesn't work because he hates being ignored so that's when throwing stuff at my hair starts... I am not good at being cocky I try to be with him because he pisses me off... but still tho we are adults I feel like being bullied by him
I just bare with him because my friends are always with him he is an ass to them too be Much less because I don't know
how should you treat such person?
and I can't cut him off he is an important part of the group of my friends because he is strong and when we go hiking he knows the way and tricks

Bullied by your friend how should you handle the situation?
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