Is he only interested in being friends or is there a chance he's interested in more?

There's a guy at work that I've known for over two years. For the past year and a half, we've slowly been getting to know each other more through actual talking at work and through email at home but we've never done anything outside of work aside from email. If we're talking through e-mail, I'm the person who starts the conversations but if we see each other in person, he'll start the conversations and 99% of the time, he's the first one to say hi and/or wave. Of course, he's also said he doesn't overly like being on the computer at home and that he sucks at typing. I've been thinking of asking him out but I'm scared that he's only interested in being friends and my asking him to do something will cause him to stop talking to me. Some more facts:

1) We've been talking for over a year through e-mail; first at work only and now both at work and through home e-mail. At first the conversations were just stupid silly things like how the other was, and general stuff going on. Since September it's been getting more personal and we're talking about stuff like why we both had to move out of where we were living, how we feel about our jobs or more specifically what frustrates us about them, our relationships with our parents, little things that annoy or bother us, music that we like and lately he's been suggesting movies that I should watch that he really likes as well as suggesting video games I should try since that's something else we have in common and he's taken my external hard drive to watch a TV show that I enjoy that he's heard about. We've also been talking about significant changes that we have to make in our lives though he refused to tell me through email and instead had to tell me in person what his biggest change is. He's also said that I'm the person he probably talks to most in the company and has said jokingly that I'm his therapist.

2) Since he works in a different part of the company, we can go a few weeks without seeing each other. When we do see each other, he's almost always the first person to say hi or if he can't talk at the moment, he'll wave and sometimes wink. Lately he's taken to touching my shoulder with his hand if we're passing in the hall, smiling and winking at me. Also, if he says hi and I don't hear him, he's taken to calling my name multiple times and following me until I hear him.

3) He's admitted to me that he doesn't really go out much and in an off way has said that he doesn't have a lot of friends either.

4) He used to flirt with me all the time like he flirts with all of the woman we work with but over the past few months, he'll still flirt just not as openly as he does with others and instead I get the more serious side of him.

5) He'll tell me stuff that he doesn't talk about with other people like his religious background and why he does/doesn't eat certain things.

I don't know if he's only interested in being friends only or if he might be somewhat shy in asking me to do something.
Is he only interested in being friends or is there a chance he's interested in more?
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