Should I tell her about my dream?

This is kinda odd, I know.

First let me start by saying it involves me and my crush, who I'm really good friends with. I've had a crush on her for a long time now, and there was a time only a couple weeks ago (and other times in the past) where I was completely convinced she liked me too. Now, I have my doubts, but I still feel like there could definitely be something there, but I don't know how to just tell her I like her. The day before I had this dream I was hanging out with her. Sometimes I feel like we both feel the same way, in that we both like each other, but we both have our doubts and can't tell anyone because we value our friendship so much.

Anyways, this dream I had last night was probably the most real feeling dream I've ever had in my life, especially at one point. Her and I were hanging out at a house that I've never seen before, talking like we always do. At one point, for some reason, she was laying down naked on a table or couch or something and I commented about how beautiful she looked. Then she got up and started to hug me. She wrapped her hands around my neck and I hugged her back. We were really close and it literally felt like I was hugging her, I can still remember how real it felt. I also (this sounds messed up but it happened) felt her breasts up against me and for some reason I felt my junk rubbing up against her idk. I said "you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this" and she said "me too." She then started to walk away and got into her car. Someone else was in the house or something (I can't remember), so that's when she walked away. She smiled at me and waved at me to get her to follow her. I got into my car and did, and that's when I woke up.

Two things: 1. Does this dream mean anything? and 2. Should I tell her about my dream? I was thinking about how I could tell if she liked me by her reaction, and this could be the way I can truly find out if she liked me. I don't know if it would weird her out or not, though. I wouldn't tell her certain aspects of the dream, though. I just feel like if I tell her that I had a dream about her and we hugged, liked each other, etc., I could see what her reaction is and determine if she likes me from there. What should I do?
Should I tell her about my dream?
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