How do dudes GENUINELY feel about actually weird girls?

ok so i know there's this meme where people make fun of girls who are young and wanna feel cool and different so they call themselves weird.

No. Men routinely call me weird and say somethings not right with me or that im awkward.


Like im genuinely weird and i can sau that because people actually tell me these kinds of comments regularly. Its not just me feeling or wanting to be weird. I actually thought i was pretty average and normal until everyone at work started calling me weird at different times. Lmfao)

First of all my sense of humor is such that i laugh at everything and nothing. Even to tears. It happened on the bus this morning. I try to laugh quietly in public but that makes me laugh even more lmfao. Obviously everything is just funny. And by the way im in my late 20s not some hormonal teen. Years ago my mom when i lived with her would genuinely complain that i would be waking her up with my loud laughter nonstop DURING THE NIGHT. I was a night owl thenm i still laugh a lot. I have depression type issues at times too and can be over serious and overthink stuff so im not saying im some happy go lucky person 24 7. Sometimes i also giggle on the outside but go home and release negative emotions.

Anyway yeah another weird thing is that partbof my sense of humor is that of a 12 year old white boy. Sooo memes that are really dumb are epic to me.

I'm also funny by accident. Since middle school i remember being able to make people laugh without trying at all.

Sometimes now as an adult i might say stuff awkward on purpose because it humors me.

Ok i can't keep talking. Bye$
How do dudes GENUINELY feel about actually weird girls?
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