Does he hate me?

So I was dating a guy, before we began dating we sent each other back and forth messages on Instagram. Everything was going fine till I noticed he was adding random chicks on ig, I know he mentioned wanting to take things slow but that seemed weird to me? Since I wasn’t adding random guys. I confronted him on that and told him I wasn’t about to get my feelings hurt and after that he never wrote to me again. I called him an fboy, too. I felt bad so I tried apologizing but he left me on read. I did mention that if he no longer saw anything with us that if he can please block me so that I can at least know and if he wanted to talk in person that I would give him time and space since that’s what I needed too. We haven’t spoke in 3 weeks, he never unfollowed me or blocked me. After this he would view my stories really quickly, almost as soon as I’d post them and then it eventually kind of slowed down. I had posted a meme about a guy telling a chick “go to your other guys” and it shows men holding Beyoncé. I did it as a joke and in a way to get back at him since a day before he had posted a meme about liking “thicc chicks” since then he stopped viewing my stories… did I upset him? Was I right and he was an fboy? He never made moves on me, he was always respectful.. it was just the adding of the chicks that was frustrating. He added 4 random girls too. It wasn’t a ton compared to other guys I’ve seen.. so I don't know?
I don’t want to reach out to him since he did leave me on read.. and I feel like he would do the same again. We had planned to do and go to different places too. it wasn’t all sexual just in case you guys needed to know this part.
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Also I’ve known this guy since middle school, I mean I knew who he was but never really payed much attention to him. The only reason I knew who he was.. was because I had a huge crush on his friend (never told either of them) I was surprised he never mentioned seeing me or asking me why he never saw me since we knew most of the same people.
Does he hate me?
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