Why does he keep forgiving me?

a bit of background info. this is a guy who I've had a crush on for almost three years now. we dont really see each other much (different cities and schools). he's asked me out once for a date over the summer. was great. I knew he really liked me as a friend. anyways, at the end of the summer, i decided to tell him i couldnt be friends anymore cause i had feelings for him, and that i didn't want to speak to him ever again. a month later i come back apologizing, he forgives me. i then do it again, and he forgave me again, telling me he'd love to be friends, but that he didn't like what i did and that if i really wanted to cut him out, that i shouldn't tell him, and that i should just leave without saying anything. I don't know what to think of this. why does he keep forgiving me?
Why does he keep forgiving me?
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