Guy ghosted me but?

From the very beginning, this dude took time to reply to my messages and was more interested in stalking my social media profiles than actually replying.
He would either reply hours later , then no messages or the next day. Initially, he pretended to be very nice but gradually, he changed and stopped replying to my messages. Ghosted me.

He couldn't even keep his his acting. When he didn't get any physical seduction, he stopped replying, meeting, talking and giving hugs.
I was the one who approached him, spoke to him and even invited him to meet up to which he replied the next day at night, saying he would like to meet up for coffee/drink.

This dude was so thankless and ungrateful even though we shared a lot in common and got along really well. However, I had caught him staring at my boobs, bottom area and thighs even though I was fully dressed.

He would never message me on his own and after the 2nd meet up, he stopped replying and basically withdrew. I had previously heard about him seeing other girls as well but because he was always staring at me, I thought that was a lie.

I deleted his number and chats anyway but he still has my number saved. I mean when he's already decided to ghost me and not talk to me, why keep it? He was obviously not interested in me but only my body.
Guy ghosted me but?
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