Is this type of guy crazy or dangerous?

I was in a prior relationship with a guy for about 3 years. I ended things because well it wasn't much of a relationship after awhile. I found that he came on strong in the beginning. Eventually, we dwindled down to fuck buddies. Along the way he got another woman pregnant, moved in with her, and they are still happily engaged to this day. At least from what I last saw on her social media. Yes, I looked being nosey.

In any case since I broke up with him he keeps calling me. He literally won't go away it seems. I can block my number etc. He's told me in the past I belonged to him and that he wasn't joking. I don't know why because as I mentioned our relationship fizzled out not to mention he has a fiance whom seems to be his trophy girl based on her social media... he buys her expensive gifts and they take trips together.

I know he just wants sex with me and to be controlling. But, what I struggle with is why. I know for a fact he can get other women and does as I am sure both I and his fiance are one of many. Correction I was one until I dumped him.

But why is he being so persistent in his efforts to keep me around and control me just for sex. Is it a kink? Is this guy just a nut case? He has done things like show up uninvited. Should I be worried? Sometimes I do get concerned. No matter how long I avoid him, he persists in contacting me. Not because he cares or values me. Hell, I don't even think he truly even finds me attractive. Are some me so sex craved?

What are your thoughts in general and about my questions? Thanks in advance.
Is this type of guy crazy or dangerous?
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