Do you think my teacher was attracted to me or was he just being friendly?

Hi! So... This is kind of hard to put into words, as everything happened a few years ago and I don't remember all of the details as clearly as I wish. I was a college student and I had this amazing professor. He was a really good teacher, not much older (I would say not more than 8 years older than us) and really attractive. Almost every girl in our class was crazy about him for the same reasons I just mentioned, but he always kept it professional. He was friendly with most, but not in a way that would get him into trouble if you know what I mean. In one occasion I caught one of my classmates slipping a piece of paper while giving him a handshake (I assume it was her phone #) and he immediately threw the paper in the trash as soon as she left. However, I always felt like he gave me a different treatment. I don't know if he had feelings for me or just respected me, since I was a good student. I once explained a finance math problem that was kind of complicated for the whole class and he wouldn't stop mentioning it in further classes while saying my name. I felt as if I had gained his respect, as I had to study it by myself before explaining it. Also, he was the kind of teacher that would not stay seated. He would travel around the classroom and would very often stop by my desk. Sometimes, when other classmates had to do presentations during his class, he would stand right beside me and chat with me, tease me a little or even make small excuses to make contact, like touching my shoulder slightly. All of my friends agree that he has this special treatment with me, but we don't know if he liked me that way. He was really subtle. At the time I never thought about flirting with him to see his reaction, because I had a boyfriend, and he never crossed that line either. A few days ago I found him on Instagram and suddenly remembered all of this, so I thought about asking here about your opinions.

(Sorry if it's kind of confusing to read, English is not my first language)
Do you think my teacher was attracted to me or was he just being friendly?
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