Is my boyfriend (ex) insecure?

I admit I cheated on him with his older brother. We slept together and eventually, he caught us. It was just a one night stand, but I did it because he’s so boring to be with and he wasn’t as fun as he used to be anymore. I appreciate that he cooks for me, tries every effort to keep me happy, but, his brother is just more fun to be with.

Plus, he tends to be a bit needy and controlling whenever I go to parties. I felt like I was a property, so I went out with his brother (he was the one who asked me out), and had a few drinks. We eventually slept in a motel where we checked in to make sure he won’t find out, but unfortunately, he saw us having unsafe intercourse, then he cried like a helpless kid. I told him exactly the reason why I did what I did, then that was the time I broke up with him.

If he really loves me, why won’t he just let me go?
17 d
I didn’t cry after breaking up with him since I felt like I wasted 2 and a half years being with him. I realized that he wasn’t really ready for me.
Is my boyfriend (ex) insecure?
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