Shall I contact him first or no?

Hello, If you have read my previous question then you will already know my situation, I have a male friend who I am seriously crushing on but unfortunately he had to move away which meant we could no longer work together, It's been around 4 months since he left and I miss him like mad! We have had little convos here and there, I first messaged him after saving he's number through a work group on whatsapp, he does have a girlfriend, I haven't told him I am crushing on him because of her, I am okay with just being a friends, I feel we got on so well at work and even at work events, I texted him just to say how much I would miss him he replied straight away to say we have to make an effort to see eachother, I feel I have initiated most of the chats (which I don't mind at all) the last time we spoke was a month ago about the plans for summer I sent the last message but he never wrote back (I didn't ask any questions) so not sure if it's really necessary to have wrote back, My question is now you know the background. I miss him so so much lately should I message him and if so has anyone got any ideas how to initiate the conversation?
If you need any more details I can update.
I appreciate any help as I am absolutely devested how much I am missing him!
Thank you 😊
Shall I contact him first or no?
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