He gets jealous when I kiss another guy but he has a girlfriend?

We had a crush on each other, talking for months but then he gave up on the idea of a relationship as we lived long distance (11 hours by train, 9h by car). We had a fight and never talked anymore. Since then he asked our mutual friend many times about me, how I was, if I had a boyfriend and he told my friend I was still in his mind. As for me, I just discovered I was in love with him and not just having a crush.

He currently has a new girlfriend that he doesn’t love (my friend asked him and it was his answer). When his girlfriend and him arrived at the party, I was dancing and kissing with a hot stranger. He get immediately jealous, making comments about the guy, comparing himself to the guy out loud while his girlfriend was just standing next to him. He then showed my best friend a text I sent him 2 days ago and asked if his answer was fine, he was scared he could have hurt me.

Then he was cold and ignored me the whole night. I think he was really upset. I also learned he said to his girlfriend that him and i had a fling together, which was a stupid move from his part. His girlfriend was upset I was here and my friend thinks that’s why he stayed distant.

If he gets jealous, does that mean he has feelings? I wanted so badly to reconnect with him, even thought I want to wait he is single again and don’t want to interfere in his current relationship. Did i miss my chance to have another shot with him in the future because I flirted with this stranger?
He gets jealous when I kiss another guy but he has a girlfriend?
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